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The ICT Advisory Division multidisciplinary approach aims to help our client companies to overcome the innovation challenges through a creative capacity and a holistic approach, which are essential to increase company competitiveness in the medium-long term.

What it is meant by innovation is the conversion of new ideas into applicable solutions, useful in the field of new technologies, products, services, organizational models or processes. The idea is to transfer knowledge and to facilitate innovation through 7 distinct areas of intervention:

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consultancy

ICT Advisory Division helps clients to develop and to produce “tailor-made” winning strategies. In doing so, we provide the entrepreneur and top management with the tools to make decisions and to find solutions to structural problems.

ICT financial advice

Financial Consultancy

Corporate finance is the instrument aimed at ensuring balanced financial coverage at the various stages of the company’s development.

m&a service ict


Company acquisitions, joint ventures, business and technology partnerships are all ways to grow the company in terms of size and know-how and to introduce new geographic markets and/or product types.

Value chain

Value Chain & Lean

We support our customers in rethinking their production and logistics processes in order to minimize no added-value operations and to streamline their production flows.

implementation of management systems

Implementation of Management Systems

ICT Advisory Division consultants help companies to introduce new management systems for business improvement in different areas, from Quality to Environment, from Safety to Social Responsibility.

Enhancement of Human Resources

Enhancement of Human Resources

Aware that Human Resources is the real “asset” of every company, ICT Advisory Division dedicates an important part of its activities to the skills development of the client companies staff, through structured courses covering a wide range of knowledge sectors.

Facilitated Finance

Subsidized Finance

Subsidized Finance is a specialisation in corporate finance dedicated to finding sources of finance on the best terms.



ICT Advisory Division helps client companies define the WHERE and HOW to approach international markets. Especially small and medium sized companies, in fact, do not have the time or resources to plan and implement these activities in a profitable way.



ICT Advisory Division services in the sustainability field and scientific evaluation of environmental product and system performance can be grouped into three distinct macro areas.

Product and Communication Design2 ICT

Product and Communication Design

ICT Advisory Division consultants are able to offer the study and the design of objects that may meet the needs of the production context and of the market.