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Financial Consultancy

Corporate finance is the instrument aimed at ensuring balanced financial coverage at the various stages of the company’s development. It includes:

  • The economic and financial assessment of the company, in order to determine its rating and opportunities for improvement;
  • The representation of future scenarios and corporate financial and cash planning;
  • Equity increases;
  • Equity financing in the market;
  • The revision and/or readjustment of credit lines;
  • The medium/long-term financing plan;
  • The opportunities provided by subsidized finance instruments;
  • Project finance.

Our consultants carry out the above activities with the high level of preparation that distinguishes them and allows to identify opportunities for the creation of further value both in apparently healthy companies and in cases of possible crises and financial disruptions. All this is possible by leveraging the tools of corporate restructuring, balance sheets, income and expenditure management and by offering rapid and resolutive interventions able to restore a better economic solution.

Financial planning is linked to the objectives of the client company, i.e. it is tailored to their specific needs. This is why we are those consultants who develop the most suitable financial projects to achieve the company’s growth targets.

Our way of being close to companies is to tell them, in a clear and comprehensive way, the most important and significant facts that describe their economic situation, their asset structure, their ability to be operationally flexible and financially independent.

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