ICT Advisory Division helps client companies define the WHERE and HOW to approach international markets. Especially small and medium sized companies, in fact, do not have the time or resources to plan and implement these activities in a profitable way.

A forward-thinking company must think in terms of internationalization in order to remain competitive in the global market. The entrepreneur who wants to go abroad, however, is not always in the right conditions to identify the best ways to expand and to sell in foreign markets. ICT Advisory Division is structured to assist him in all phases of access and development on foreign markets.

We carry out SWOT analyses to identify company strengths and weaknesses, as well as international opportunities and threats. We define the business plan, distinguishing between short, medium and long term actions that can support the company strategy.

With this aim in view, we provide the customer with the essential information to make an informed decision about the opportunity to enter a given market. By way of example:

  • The macro-economic variables of the country;
  • The trade flows related to the client company’s product;
  • Any barriers to entry (e.g. customs duties, country risk, etc.);
  • The collection of information (techniques, regulations, etc.) on markets.

Our consultants can also help customers to create a network of distributors or agents able to cover the target territory and to develop sales, supporting all marketing activities necessary to create customer brand recognition. Again, the following ones are listed as examples:

  • Organisation of participation to particular events (fairs, conferences, etc.);
  • Identification of the most interesting potential customers;
  • Organisation of customer visits;
  • Follow-up support.

Other forms of consulting services consists in helping clients to build brand strength and brand recognition in the new market. In agreement with the client, this process is structured in comprehensive marketing plans through tools such as participation in dedicated trade fairs, advertising in dedicated magazines and/or blogs, publication of articles for sector-specific magazines, intervention to conferences and website development in local language (including SEO, Search Engine Optimization).

In terms of purchasing, ICT Advisory Division offers to the market the service of procurement of special or niche products from international suppliers, with special focus on countries such as India and China. The presence of a network of ICT partners in these countries makes possible to find competitive commercial and technical solutions even in the case of small batches, with relatively short delivery times.

Sul fronte degli acquisti, ICT Advisory Division offre al mercato il servizio di approvvigionamento di prodotti speciali o di nicchia da fornitori internazionali, con speciale focus su Paesi quali India e Cina. La presenza di un network di partner di ICT in questi Paesi consente di trovare soluzioni commerciali e tecniche competitive anche nei casi di piccoli lotti, con tempi di consegna relativamente brevi.

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