ICT Advisory Division services in the sustainability field and scientific evaluation of environmental product and system performance can be grouped into three distinct macro areas.


  • Calculation and communication of environmental product performance
    The objective of this activity is to calculate the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. These studies can have a double purpose: both to understand which are the most impacting phases within a supply chain by simulating the result of possible reduction actions and to support communication. The natural destiny of LCA studies is to be certified according to the main international standards (EPD, IBU, ISO 14067, ISO 14040).
  • Corporate carbon management and strategic plans to achieve carbon neutrality
    The greenhouse effect is one of the main environmental problems generated by human activities. One of the things that can be done by the most sensitive companies is to start a process of carbon neutrality that over time leads to “neutrality” according to a path that involves the quantification of emissions, the reduction commitment, the offsetting of residual emissions. Also in this case the process can follow international standards (for example, PAS 2060).
  • Communication strategy on sustainability issues
    The communication of sustainability is increasingly present in companies’ projects. For this reason it is important that the objectives to be achieved, the stakeholders to be involved, the tools to be used and the messages to be conveyed are correctly defined. In this context, strategic planning projects for communication activities can also be launched using specific communication tools, such as motion graphics.
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