Planetary Roller Screws Manufacturers

Planetary Roller Screws Manufacturers

Bearings Multinational company interested in acquisition or joint-venture


Our client is a very large bearings company interested to expand its manufacturing products portfolio. Within a structured plan of reinforcement of its linear bearings division, the client aims to acquire totality or majority of shares of a reliable manufacturer of planetary rollers screws.

Ideal target company has strong competences in both design and production of linear bearings, with yearly turnover between 5 and 50 million Euro. Located in Europe or in America or in Asia, the target company has ambition to enter a larger organization with global presence and well recognized brand.

ICT guarantees maximum discretion in managing expressions of interest. Interested companies are requested to write directly to m& or to call at +39 (0)121 376811 to plan a dedicated meeting or video-call. Kindly mention ref. number 23UO_PRS.

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