Training course on 5S Methodology

The starting point: order and cleanliness in the work areas

To work in a messy and dirty environment is both difficult and ineffective: moreover, those who work don’t like it, even less the customers who – through it – perceive a poor culture of standards and discipline by their supplier.

The “5S Methodology” training course aims to provide the basic elements for reorganization of a work area in a “Lean” perspective.

It may last between 8 and 16 hours and it includes an important part of activities to be carried out directly on the field. Deep Cleaning, “zoning” base organization, training in classroom, training in the form of a game and direct experience in a real work area are the tools through which the five elements of the 5S are introduced, demonstrating their benefits from a Kaizen perspective.

To completing the method there is a proper definition of work standards and of system to maintain the order and the cleanliness.

The five elements of 5S are the following ones:

  • Seiri – Separate: to separate what you need from what you don’t need to work on the business
  • Seiton – Tidy up: to put in place everything that is left and therefore useful
  • Seiso – Clean and repair: an environment clean and in order is an environment that doesn’t hide inefficiencies;
  • Seiketsu – Systematize and Standardize: to set the standard to continue this activity of rationalization of resources and working spaces;
  • Shitsuke – Disseminate or support: to make this way of thinking and acting pervade all company activities.

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