Training course on Lean Thinking

Training course on Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking tools to create value in the company

Despite the Lean Thinking principles were concepted between the years ’40 and ’60 of last century, many companies today do not know yet the positive impacts that a setting in their organization based on these principles might have on their corporate performance.

This is the reason why, practically in all manufacturing and service sectors (both in the private and in the public), it is frequent to meet corporate organizations with 5 or more hierarchical levels, with a high fragmentation of processes, with very long reaction times to the market and with disproportionate stocks (just to mention some few examples).

By providing the basic foundations of “Lean thinking”, the “Lean Thinking” course aims to offer a practical food for thought to accelerate the process of value creation in the company through a holistic approach that puts people, the organization and the good sense at the center of the project.

The training objectives consist in understanding the underlying principles of Lean Thinking and the mains tools through which it is possible to contribute to the creation of value for customers.

In this contest it will be fundamental to learn techniques to recognize, classify and limit or eliminate existing wastes (muda). The above objectives are achieved through continuous reference to practical cases that can better exemplify how the theoretical principles can be implemented in the reality.

The basic course lasts 4 hours; however it can be customized based on the specific needs of the company. For more information write to or call the number +39 (0)121376811.

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