Training course on Quality Kaizen

Solution of quality problems by the Kaizen method

To face a quality problem, both of the product and the process, involves working by method and constancy, avoiding jumping to conclusions when the causes have not been identified yet with certainty.

The Quality Kaizen to solve quality problems is a full gemba training course during which only the preparatory phase is carried out in the classroom, while all the rest of the activities are done where the problems originate, i.e. in the shopfloor.

On the basis of real company problems, a rigorous “game scheme” is defined in search of the root cause of the problems. In this way course attendants will learn how to manage the daily work problems.

The following ones are some of the tools explained and used during the Kaizen Quality training course:

  • Quality Corner;
  • Quick Response Action Plan;
  • 5W1H: who, what, where, when, why e how;
  • 5 Whys;
  • PDCA: plan, do, check, act;
  • Process capability analysis: Cp and Cpk;
  • 5QFZD: five questions for zero defects.

The Quality Kaizen training course is suitable to quality and production operators and managers.

It typically lasts 2 days and can be customized according to the specific problems to be addressed. It might be extended with additional days of follow-up at pre-established intervals in order to verify and to strengthen the consistency of the achieved improvements.

For more information send an email to or call the number 0039 (0)121 376811.

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