Training course on Value Stream Mapping

The Lean Thinking approach emphasizes the importance of continuous flow (i.e. without interruptions between one operation and the following one) and speed (i.e. with short through-put times).

The fragmented vision of the traditional organization is replaced by an organization based on processes which favours the integration of operations in order to give fluidity and continuity to the sequence of flow.

The Value Stream Mapping is a method to graphically visualize the value chain of a certain process, highlighting the areas of inefficiency and redesigning it in a continuous flow perspective.

Thus, it allows to pass from a push-type production system to a pull-type system in which the production of the entire product line is controlled by the actual consumption of the finished products from the final customers. Visual management through Kanban or – in more complex cases –  through electronic signal (the electronic kanban) controls and self-balances the flow.

The redesign of production flows allows to obtain the reduction of the process through-put times, inventories and lead-times to the customer up to 90% of the pre-transformation values.

The benefits are:

  • Greater operational flexibility, that means substantially faster answers to the customer;
  • Improvement of the productivity of the resources used, for example as manpower rather than financial resources or material assets;
  • Reduction of fixed assets and obsolescence risks;
  • Accurate measurement of the profitability and efficiency of each product line, with the possibility to adjust the short-medium term industrial and commercial policy as well as the long-term strategy;
  • Simplification of the organizational structure with a reduction in the number of hierarchical levels;
  • Increased staff satisfaction and motivation, with an increased sense of belonging.

ICT can help companies in critically reviewing their value chain, in reorganizing material and information flows, in optimizing plant layouts, in intervening on the organizational structure and industrial accounting and in personnel training to lean techniques.

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