Training course on Zero Wastes in production

Optimization of costs and times in production through the “Times and Methods” methodology

To Identify wastes in business operations (i.e. those activities that cannot create value for the end customers) and to eliminate them are fundamental steps in the process of implementing Lean logics.

The next step is to define and implement the best method to carry out a certain action or a specific phase of the process. Learning not to add wastes right from the start is fundamental to be competitive, as well as intervening in a process full of waste to correct it is a must to ensure a sustainable future for the company.

The “Zero Wastes in production” training course is aimed at methodists, production workers and managers/supervisors of production, operators and quality managers. The basic course of 8 hours can be customized according to the specific needs of the company, also in order to deal with and analyse a practical case of a real business process to be optimised.

During the course, videos of company processes can be used in order to identify the opportunities for improvement and a mini assembly game will be proposed in order to analyse the operations carried out and to define possible improvements.

At the end of the course all participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the value-added operations, distinguishing them from non-value-added ones;
  • Identify the various types of wastes;
  • Outline a work cycle, critically evaluate it and assign the correct timing.

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