Training Course “The Operational Dashboard in the Company”

Visual Management and workplace organization

To lead a factory, a department or a cell requires accurate, real and timely data. It is like the dashboard of a car, which you can’t do without to drive safely and to get to your destination.

The “Operational Dashboard in the company” training course deals with all the main documents and indicators necessary for a visual and autonomous business management.

Among the topics covered in the course, following ones are included:

  • Construction drawing and bill of materials;
  • Work cycles;
  • Control cycles;
  • Quality alerts: the customer standpoint;
  • Machine set-up charts;
  • Approval to start production;
  • Scraps record chart;
  • Production planning;
  • Multi-skills table;
  • Standards of self-maintenance and scheduled maintenance.

The course might last between 8 and 16 hours, depending how deep the topics will be treated, and it can be customized on the base of specific company needs. It is aimed at methodists, quality and production managers, production planners, supervisors and logistics managers.

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